The story of Kiersten and Thomas is one that could only be written by fate itself. A dedicated teacher with a heart of gold, Kiersten’s path crossed with Thomas through an unexpected turn of events. It was a match orchestrated by destiny when one of Kiersten’s student’s parents took on the role of Cupid, leading to a connection that would change their lives forever. Happily ever after as they say!

During the initial photography discussion with Kiersten, we discussed planning the ceremony time later so that their portraits would be during golden hour. Also, this allowed plenty of time prior to the ceremony to get wedding party shots and some of their portraits. So, Kiersten and Thomas opted for a first look. This special moment before the ceremony allowed them to share their emotions in private, creating an atmosphere of profound intimacy. Additionally, this choice gave us the luxury of time to capture wedding party and striking couple portraits around the Treasury.

Since we had plenty of time during cocktail hour, on the way to the fort, I asked if they wanted to go to Magnolia Road first.—a location where the lush canopy of trees creates a mesmerizing ambiance. Of course they said yes! The result? A collection of breathtaking photos that capture the natural beauty of the surroundings, intertwined with the couple’s unwavering love.

As the sun gracefully dipped beneath the horizon, Kiersten and Thomas returned to the Treasury for their reception—a lively and energetic celebration of their love. The dance floor became a hub of excitement, with friends and family joining in the festivities, making it clear that the couple’s radiant energy and joy were infectious.

As the night came to a close, it was evident that Kiersten and Thomas’ would never forget the memories of their magical wedding day! I’m SO lucky you both chose me and I wish you a lifetime of Love, laughter and happiness!

Coordinator: Megan with The Wedding Authority

Venue: Treasury on The Plaza

Catering: Purple Olive

DJ: DJ JD Productions

2nd Photographer Ashley Dye Photography

Cake: Crème de la Cocoa

Hair and makeup: Curl.Wink.Blush

Rentals: St. Johns Illuminations

Photo Booth: Jax Booth

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