Love knows no bounds, and when it comes to Mary and Casey wedding at Mayport, their day was a testament to the power of love, laughter, and a little bit of Florida weather. Let’s just say on the bus ride to the church for the ceremony, amidst torrential downpours, we ALL tried to keep a positive attitude…

The Shower Curtain Adventure

When we arrived at the church, the coordinator, Christina, improvised, using a shower curtain to shield Mary from the elements as they escorted her from the bus to the church. It was a moment filled with laughter and a touch of adventure, showcasing the determination and resourcefulness of the wedding party.

The ceremony was perfect, but, of course, the rain was still coming as the wedding party loaded the bus to head to the base for pictures and the reception..

As the rain continued, there were concerns about the impact it might have on the couple’s portraits. However, just as fate would have it, the rain ceased its relentless assault as soon as the we arrived at the Mayport Naval base. With a stroke of luck, we seized the opportunity and they jumped off the bus for a few magnificent group shots.

Capturing Love Against the Beach Backdrop

The beach, with the rain clouds surrounding the skies provided the ideal backdrop for Mary and Casey’s wedding portraits. The absence of rain during this precious moment allowed us to capture their love against the backdrop of crashing waves and soft, overcast skies. There was no need to leave the reception in search of a picturesque sunset; instead, they basked in the joy of the day without interruption.

The Reception: A Night of Love and Laughter…and Dancing!

One of the funniest moments happened at the reception when Mary’s bridesmaid played a joke on Casey alluding to the fact that he needed to stop sending her love letters… As Casey’s started getting red with confusion, multiple other women started yelling that they were sick of it too and they all stood up and started throwing fake love letters at Casey and Mary. I will say that Mary was dying laughing the entire time. It did take a minute for Casey to realize what a hilarious joke it was.

The fun continued throughout the evening as the couple took to the dance floor for their choreographed first dance. The room was captivated as Mary and Casey gracefully glided across the floor, perfectly synchronized with every step. Their performance was nothing short of amazing, showcasing their love and dedication to each other in a truly unforgettable way.

Speaking of dancing Mary, with her radiant smile, never left the dance floor, and her infectious energy spread throughout the venue. (and obviously through me since we danced multiple times..ha!)  It was an evening filled with laughter, love, and an abundance of memorable moments.

Even though the weather may not have been perfect, the love and laughter shared between both families and friends transcended any external circumstances. Mary and Casey’s wedding day was perfectly imperfect as I like to say!

Mary and Casey’s wedding at Mayport was a celebration that proved that, in the end, it’s the moments shared with loved ones that truly matter, and that, come rain or shine, love will always prevail.

May your life together be filled with endless love, joy, and countless moments that surpass the magic of your wedding day. Thank you both for choosing me to document your amazing day!

Planner/Coordinator: Christina Creations

Hair and Makeup: Makeup By Paulina

Videographer: Audie John Productions

Transportation: Jax Party Bus & Limousine

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