Destination Wedding in Pensacola

A simple call for an engagement session turned into me documenting the Destination wedding in the Florida panhandle for Chris and Emily’s Pensacola Country Club wedding, but it almost didn’t happen! When I initially met with Emily and Chris, they were wanting engagement photos in Jacksonville. I explained to them that I highly suggest they use the same photographer for both their wedding and engagement pictures because it’s always my favorite time with my couples. That is when they shared they were having a destination wedding in Pensacola. So, what did I do? I started recommending talented Pensacola photographers!

Emily asked if I would travel because during the call, we just clicked. I felt it, but I knew I was going to be traveling for another wedding just a few weeks prior to their date and I wasn’t sure I wanted to turn around and do another long trip. But, something in my gut told me that I was supposed to document their day. So, when Emily reached out to ask, I say YES!

How they met

Emily and Chris grew up in the same small town, but never met until one summer break in college. Both of them admit there was a spark, but since they were way too busy going to different colleges. They did keep in touch though, and eventually became best friends…. which in turn led to falling and love which is why we’re here!

Back to their destination wedding….

Like I said, it was meant to be! Pensacola was amazing. In order to maximize the fun post wedding, Chris and Emily decided to do a first look so they could get the majority of their wedding photos done earlier in the day. It was perfect and we were also able to knock out all the family photos. We only took, like, nine thousand. (You know it’s true Emily) HA! We also did the wedding party portraits and a few with just the bride and groom. So after the ceremony there were only a handful more to get. We went down by the water and the wind created magic!

Oh, yeah, the wind! It was a very breezy day, and the overcast said rain, so there was a last-minute decision about whether Chris and Emily’s Pensacola Country Club wedding ceremony would take place inside or outside. They decided to do it outside as originally planned, and I’m so glad they did! Yes, it was windy, but that made it so dramatic and amazing. We just ignored the tornado warning, lol!

The wind may have been kicking it up outside, but it had nothing on the party happening inside after the ceremony! Once that dance floor started rocking it never stopped. And I’ve never seen a dad dancing like it was his job. So, shout out to Emily’s dad, Bryan, for showing off his moves! The night ended perfectly with a sparkler exit and I just felt so totally lucky that I was the one to document this perfect wedding! Windswept and gorgeous, with sparks flying–what could be better?

Congratulations, Chris and Emily. I’m wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter and dancing! Thank you for forcing me to document your perfect day!

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