Well, it’s been a hot second since I was on the blog, but I think you’ll agree that the photos from Kayli and Aiden’s Jekyll Island Convention Center wedding were worth the wait! I LOVED being the wedding photographer for this adorable couple!

Falling for Each Other

I thought this couple’s meet-cute story was so cute! Kayli told me they met on their first day of undergrad at a beach party the university had organized. Aiden and two of his roommates ended up setting up on the beach right next to Kayli and her roommate and struck up a conversation. The group ended up chatting the whole rest of the time…except, Kayli told me, “Aiden and I were on opposite ends and it was windy so I couldn’t hear a WORD he was saying, but I already felt like he was going to be someone special to me.” She was right! All five of them became good friends and did everything together, and about two months into the semester Aiden and Kayli started dating. Less than six months into their relationship they signed up for a semester at sea. Over one hundred days they visited four different continents, twelve countries, and eighteen cities. What an adventure! And they’ve been inseparable ever since!

First Look

Kayli and Aiden decided to do a first look on Jekyll Island so they could get the majority of their portraits and wedding party photos done before their ceremony. (This is a great idea, by the way! Obviously, you do you and however you want to roll is great, but if you ask my advice I’ll pretty much always recommend a first look! It really does help everyone to be able to relax and enjoy the ceremony so much more!)

Horton House on Jekyll Island is such a gorgeous backdrop, and provided the perfect look for so many of our pictures! The weather was perfect–not too hot–and everyone had such a fun time!

Beach Pics on Jekyll Island at Sunset

We also wanted to hit the beach, but I knew that sunset would be the best time to get really amazing shots. The bride and groom and I discussed when to go to Driftwood Beach, and ended up heading down there after their first dance, while everyone else was enjoying the delicious food at the Jekyll Island Convention Center. The sky was AMAZING! We had a beautiful pastel sunset and the prettiest clouds. Oh, and there was even a space shuttle launch we could see while we were there! What?!?!

Whiskey Blending Wedding Ceremony

Kayli and Aiden put a fun twist on the traditional wedding ceremony with a whiskey-blending ceremony! That was a first for me, and I thought it was such a fun idea! Plus, what a great way to celebrate your first anniversary–enjoying a special batch of whiskey that you made together on one of the best days of your life!

The ceremony was fantastic, the follow-up with sunset photos on the beach was stunning, and we partied hard when we got back to the convention center! Indeed a perfect day. Thank you, Kayli and Aiden, for choosing me to capture your incredible Jekyll Island Convention Center wedding! Cheers, you two!

Location and Catering: Jekyll Island Convention Center Dress: Lily’s Bridal. Photo Booth: JaxBooth

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