Jessica and Brandon’s downtown Jacksonville wedding was such a blast! I knew it would be, because we had so much fun during their engagement session! Plus, I just love shooting weddings in downtown Jacksonville. Since I live here, I know the area super well and can point you to all the best spots. Their ceremony was at the Main Library… It’s such a gorgeous spot! Don’t believe me? Just check it out! Seriously, the library stairs are amazing and make the best backdrop. We did a ton of our shots here!

The Importance of a First Look Before Your Wedding

Jessica and Brandon had planned a late ceremony for their downtown Jacksonville wedding. That meant a first look was a must so we could get their portraits done before the wedding. Actually, this is a great way to do it! Based on my own past experience, I find that this is super helpful for the groom especially. Usually, the grooms that have a great reaction during the ceremony did a first look. I think it just takes away some of the nerves so you can truly enjoy watching your beautiful bride walk down the aisle! (And yes, if you wanted to know, Brandon cried at both because he’s the cutest. Not at all unusual, so don’t forget your pocket handkerchiefs, gents!)

The Early Bird Catches the Best Shot

Because the ceremony for Jessica and Brandon’s downtown Jacksonville wedding was so late, we decided that in addition to a first look, we were also going to get all the wedding party and family portraits done early too, plus a ton of the downtown shots of the bride and groom. This meant that after the ceremony (when the light was perfect, by the way) Jessica and Brandon and I could head to the Riverwalk and get a few more photos at sunset with the amazing downtown Jacksonville Main Street Bridge. Beautiful!

For those of you planning your weddings–first of all, yes, I totally can’t wait to hear from you! And secondly–getting the majority of your portraits done early can be a great way to go. It’s just a huge weight off of everyone (especially if you’re feeling a little nervous) and ensures that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day!

Congrats, Jessica and Brandon!

I know Jessica and Brandon enjoyed theirs–and so did I! Thanks, you two, for being so amazing and for giving me the opportunity to capture one of the most incredible days of your life! Loved it, and love you guys!

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