Moment of truth: Not everybody loves having their picture taken. Surprise, surprise, right? And you know what? That’s okay! (Actually, this is something I run into all the time–with guys especially, lol!) If this is you, just relax. I do my best to make EVERY photoshoot fun, and you’ll be so glad you have these amazing memories to hang on to forever! When we were discussing how to capture Lindsey and Charles’ wedding at Club Continental, these two really wanted to be able to enjoy their big day with as little wedding picture stress as possible. But of course, they still wanted the photos to document this amazing memory. How to balance it?

First Look Focus

We decided to do a first look and do as many portraits as we could prior to the ceremony. That way Lindsey and Charles could just relax and enjoy themselves afterward! Turned out that this was the perfect plan. We actually had way more fun than I think they expected getting all of their portraits done, and it just set the stage and made everything go really smoothly. (I did ask for just one more shot after the family portraits, and after that, they were set!) The first look gave them time to have a moment to themselves prior to the ceremony and then allowed them to spend more time with friends and family after the ceremony. And I know it made Lindsey and Charles’ wedding at Club Continental more enjoyable for them, knowing that wedding photos were done and they could just party!


Oh, and speaking of parties, this one was rockin’! After the ceremony it was time for the reception…and I found out that Charles is a dance machine! Let me tell you, he kept that under wraps. I had no idea! We ended up dancing multiple times because, if you know me, you know that I also LOVE to dance, and I’m not afraid to break out the moves on the dance floor! Tons of fun!

Lindsey and Charles, thank you so much for trusting me to be your engagement and wedding photographer! It’s been a blast getting to know you two, and I really don’t think your wedding at Club Continental could have gotten better–it was perfect! And hey, even though I know pictures aren’t your thing, you DANG sure look FINE doing it!! I’m so glad you have these photos documenting the beginning of your new life together!

Venue and Catering: The Club Continental | Coordinating: Coastal Coordinating | Videographer: NAS Visuals | DJ: Footloose DJ | Hair and Makeup: Studio Bride | 2nd Photographer: Lolulamore photography

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