Nine Years. Nine years is what it took to get to this moment. The beautiful wedding in celebration of two people who chose each other over and over. If you only knew the ups and downs of this story you would be in disbelief, it’s what storybooks are written about. But alas, only one small part of it is mine to tell. Courtney and Devon met at UF over 9 years ago, and in fitting with their story had to delay their dream wedding a couple of times this year. Finally, the bride and groom decided that more than anything they just wanted to be married. So they scrapped their big wedding for this year-moved it to next year- and decided to have a Micro Wedding at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens instead.

When I posted the sneak peek photos of this wedding I called their day perfectly imperfect – because it truly was. When we got to the botanical gardens the clouds threatened and a steady rain was drenching the pathways and everyone who walked on them. I brought my clear umbrellas as I always do, even though we spent the whole time praying we didn’t have to use them (we did). But goodness was it worth it.

When I started to take the first portrait of Devon and Courtney, Devon was completely overcome with emotion. The journey to this perfectly imperfect day was so long, so arduous, the relief of being there was overwhelming. It was truly one of the most beautiful moments I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in all of my time as a wedding photographer.

Finally, we get to the ceremony location and, of course, it’s now starting to more than drizzle. Originally we were going to move the ceremony in the pavilion but the bamboo grove gave us *just enough* respite from the rain to continue on with a beautiful outdoor ceremony. It was worth everyone getting a few drops yet getting to keep that gorgeous view.

I have a feeling that Courtney and Devon’s big wedding next year in St Augustine is going to be sunny, and it’s going to be amazing. But nothing could beat this perfectly imperfect day.

Courtney and Devon, thank you for choosing and trusting me. Your love story is as beautiful as you both!

Venue: Kanapaha Botanical Gardens | Videographer: Wayfarer Film Company

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