Chelsea and John’s Intimate Wedding

It’s not every day I get the opportunity to photograph a small, intimate wedding. Most weddings these days have guests list that hover in the hundreds but every once in a while a bride like Chelsea contacts me while planning her intimate wedding and says “It’s a smaller wedding but I want to make sure it’s photographed well because photography is the most important part of my day.” Steal my heart why don’t you? How could I ever turn that down?!

I was excited to photograph Chelsea and John’s wedding day for a few reasons. First of all, intimate weddings can be the best. With fewer people in the wedding party I usually get to spend more time photographing just the bride and groom! More than that, it’s a day for the couple to be surrounded by their very best family and friends. The group of people who are with them for all the major moments and ready to party with them into the night.  Second, the bride and groom were getting married on her mom’s property which was just breathtaking with its rows of fences, rustic barns, horses and a pond. Sunset literally could not have been any more spectacular that day either. Last but not least, Chelsea and John have the cutest little boy Chris, who I am absolutely obsessed with!  He smiled all through the ceremony while sitting in his little wood wagon.

By the end of the day it was clear to me how much John and Chelsea loved each other. I mean, the groom basically stopped mid-ceremony (while Chelsea was reading her vows)  to have me come stand beside him so I could photograph his bride shining in the sunlight. Seriously, does that even happen in real life?

Chelsea and Chris, Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your amazing day!


  1. Chelsea Williams

    I love the photos so much. Thank you for helping make my day so special with all that you did. I am seriously still tearing up over here LOL

    • Sarah Hedden

      YAYYYYYYY!! Thank you for choosing me!!


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