Being a Jax Newborn Photographer has me crazy this time of year! Let’s have us a little chat about plans, shall we? There’s a quote floating around my brain somewhere about the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. In my case, it’s the plans of this newborn photography session and a sweet little baby named Luciana. I had never met Luciana’s parents before they walked into my studio for her session. But when they walked in like a trio of models I created some pretty grand plans in my head right there on the spot. Seriously, it was like Gisele and Tom Brady walked in.

Unfortunately, Luciana did not have plans for this session. Or maybe she did, and it was her plan was to make me work for it that day! My typical newborn session typically ranges around 3 hours long, Luciana’s session took over 5 hours! But oh the adorable photos we created when we were actually able to get her down for minimal periods of time. I.Can’t.Even.

I wasn’t the only one with plans either. Momma came prepared with so many fantastic ideas. One of the ones she really wanted is known as the “froggy pose” with a tiny tiara on top. I can’t believe it, but we got it! It’s not an easy newborn pose to pull off, combined with a sweet little baby who had other plans?! But we nailed it and she looked absolutely freaking adorable. But who am I kidding? She looked adorable in nearly every setup. Although I think my favorites for this session were the family photos with her mom and dad. I’m a sucker for those newborn detail shots too. I did tell her parents that she’s going to have to tighten up before her next modeling session though, maybe she can take some lessons from her mom since she’s a model too! 😉

Thank you Sonila and Kyle for choosing me as your newborn photographer!

Newborn photography session with parents kissing baby girl during her Jax newborn photographer session. Baby Girl posing on bucket with flowers around her and a crown in the froggy pose during her Jax newborn photographer session. Details of newborn toes, lips, ear and hands during her Jax newborn photographer session.

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