You guys, hurricanes are exhausting. It’s hours upon hours of preparation, worry, and stress. It’s scrolling through Facebook to commiserate with friends about the process of preparing. It’s watching the news for days at a time, changing plans with every shift of the spaghetti model forecast. Then it’s all over and it leaves you feeling drained and exhausted.

Mr. Taj came to my studio just days after the hurricane while I was still trying to get back in the groove… but oh my word. He was the most snuggly, cuddly newborn I’ve ever had in the studio. All he wanted to do was snuggle and all I wanted to do was steal away with him to my living room sofa so we could lay down and take a good nap while we cuddled. What better way for a baby photographer to recover from a hurricane than with baby snuggles and a nap?  But, his parents were expecting a photoshoot so we couldn’t take a nap. Plus, Taj was too beautiful not to be photographed. Oh my word, he was one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever photographed. I can’t even. AND THOSE LIPS. Girls would kill for those lips. Seriously, look at that perfect pout, I couldn’t get over how cute it was.

Taj was a total champ throughout the whole session. I still can’t believe how many setups we were able to get through during his photography session. One of my favorite setups was the blue backdrop. It complimented his beautiful skin so well and the images are so timeless. His dad and mom are huge sports fan and support a few different teams so incorporating those were a must. Komuni and Terrell also brought the cutest custom book made for Taj that we incorporated into his session. Thank you both for trusting me to document your gorgeous maternity session and Taj’ first official photoshoot!

Welcome to the world Taj!

Pregnant mom and dad on beach in purple dress with her baby photographer.Baby photographer photographing African American mom and dad posing with newborn baby.

Baby photographer photographing baby on desk with custom book and nfl jerseys and football. Baby photographer photographing African American baby with big lips and crown and bowtie. Baby photographer photographing newborn baby boy with blue backdrop with crown and white material. Baby photographer photographing black and white detail shots of nose, lips, hands and eyelashes.

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