Axel and Kane’s Twin Newborn Session!!   I just can’t even!  Mom Kelly is an ER nurse, and one slow night, a doctor she was working with said: “Hey, let’s do a quick ultrasound and take a peek at that baby.” No sooner had the ultrasound probe touch her belly did the doctor pull it away. Kelli was like “Wait a second!” And that’s the story of how Kelli found out she was having not one, but TWO babies – twin baby boys! Of course, she immediately facetimed Josh to show him the happy news. Of course she made him sit down before she let him see! Can you imagine finding out you were having twins that way? It’s a story they’re going to be telling for the boys entire lives I’m sure.

I don’t think this family could get any more American. Of all the professions, Kelly is a nurse and Josh is a firefighter. How perfect? As a firefighter, they knew they wanted to include Josh’s gear in the boys newborn session. I also really wanted to get the shot of daddy with both twins on his shoulders while wearing his gear. I was so thrilled when the boys cooperated and allowed me to get the shot. It’s definitely one of my favorites of all time. Anytime I can incorporate something meaningful about mom, dad or any relative into a newborn photo shoot I try really hard to make it happen. At the end of the day though, we’re at the mercy of two little babies. but they were PERFECT and let me do anything I wanted. I was able to get so many adorable photos of the twins together and use some of my favorite newborn props like the moon and the aviator crate set up. I still can’t believe how cooperative these two handsome guys were.

I’ll get to see the boys again soon because Kelly is actually a bridesmaid in her BFF’s Erin’s upcoming Miami wedding I’m shooting later this year! I can’t wait to see how much the twins have grown and changed.

Kelly and Josh, thank you for trusting me to help welcome Axel and Kane into the world! And, thank you Erin Silvious for forcing her to 😉


Family photos with mom and dad during a twin boys newborn session  twin boys newborn session with firefighter gear on dads shoulders and in boots. Twin boys newborn session hands on cheeks in froggy pose. Twin boys newborn session on moon with stars. Aviator on crate in twin boys newborn session Detail shots and hugging each other in twin boys newborn session.

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