I know I’ve mentioned it before, but there really are few things better than getting to grow with your clients. I’ve been photographing Rodyn’s family for years, long before he was even born. I met him as newborn and had him in the studio again at 6 months old. It is finally time for his first birthday ‘cake’ smash and I was SO excited!  First, I can’t believe how much he has grown and changed in the last year. He is so handsome in his suspenders and bow tie! But, what really had me going was the theme of his smash.

Rodyn is quite the healthy eater so instead of a true cake smash, we decided to do a Spaghetti smash. I loved how it turned out! I originally wanted it to be a big garden salad smash with hummus because that’s what I always see him eating, and I thought it would be hilarious…! I mean if only we could all share his taste for healthy foods, right?!  Anywho,  the garden smash turned out too hard to put together (we didn’t want to waste so much fresh produce). He started out really into his spaghetti smash and super excited. I mean,  who doesn’t love a steaming heap of spaghetti put in front of them?

Things were going awesome right up until the point where he got dirty and that was about the time he decided he was over it. The smash started out with big smiles but inevitably ended in tears. If only babies knew that some day they would relish big bowls of spaghetti and getting a little bit dirty. Anyway, I thought it was a fun, adorable alternative to a cake smash. I’m always down to try anything unique or different and I hope I get the chance to do something like it again soon.

Happy First Birthday big guy! Can’t wait to have your family in the studio again soon.

Rodyn’s Birthday Spaghetti Smash


Little boy in blue suspenders and bowtie at his Spaghetti smash birthday. Little boy in blue first birthday Spaghetti smash. Little chef boy first birthday Spaghetti smash. Spaghetti smash little boy with mom. ONe year old cake smash like a spaghetti smash. Little boy crying during his cake smash spaghetti smash session.

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