Miss Bristol was actually in front of my lens last fall when I did a family session with her and her parents. There is nothing that does a photographer’s heart good more than clients who return to me. Building that relationship with my clients, watching their families grow and change is amazing and so, so rewarding. On this visit, we were celebrating Bristol turning the big ONE. She came into the studio for her cake smash session and I couldn’t wait to see how much she had grown since the last time I was with her.  It turns out she had grown quite a bit and she was ready to do a great job in front of the camera.

After talking with her mom about her outfit I custom designed this backdrop just for her. I have to say, I love the way it turned out. It’s super cute. The giant flowers made a fun 3-D effect to the backdrop and I think it ended up matching her outfit and her cake really well. All of my hard work went unnoticed by Bristol because she only had eyes for her cake.

She was a total HAM. Some kids like their cake smash session, some kids LOVE their cake smash session. Bristol was on another level with her admiration for this cake. She began with just a tiny finger in the frosting and it was all up hill from there. Before long she was double fisting globs of frosting and giving me the most satisfied grins.  I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to tear her away; by the end of our time was covered head to toe in frosting and cute as a button!

Happy Birthday sweet Bristol! I can’t wait to watch you grow up into a sweet little lady.

Little girl cake smash session with a pink backdrop and large flowers. Cake smash session with little Bristol wearing a tutu with flowers. Little girl touches cake for the first time during her cake smash session. Little girl eating her flower cake during her first birthday cake smash session. Little girl thinks it's funny that mom is trying to make her eat cake during her cake smash session. Little Bristol in her tutu, with her flower backdrop, is covered in icing after her cake smash session.

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