I’ve done enough cake smash photos in the studio to have learned a few things by now. One of them is that every baby reacts to their birthday cake in a different way. Some kids don’t want anything to do with the cake or they’re absolutely terrified of it. Other kids arrive at the studio and instinctively know to put as much of the frosted good stuff in their mouths as quickly as humanly possible. Then we had sweet Carter in for his one year cake smash photography session and he did things a little differently.

Let me tell you, Carter took this birthday cake business VERY seriously. He started the cake smash by checking out the frosting and his big #1 but it wasn’t long before he got right down to eating. If we had let him he probably would have worked on devouring that birthday cake fistful by fistful until it was gone.

Before they let Carter clear the cake stand mom and dad wanted in on the action too and I don’t think he was very impressed. I may have captured a few expressions that clearly say “Why are you eating my cake?” Don’t worry buddy. We all feel the same way about sharing cake too. Although I will say he did end up sharing in the end!

Another awesome thing about Carter was that he was already walking by his first birthday! Of all the cake smash sessions I have done only about a quarter of the kids have been able to walk yet so I was really impressed. I love how Carter’s birthday photos turned out. They really showed off his growing personality, the way he took his cake so seriously, and the hilarious looks he gave mom and dad during the course of the photography session.

Carter’s One Year Cake Smash Photography Session

One year old baby Carter in his cake smash outfit and hat at his photography session in Jacksonville, FL.One year old cake smash with baby Carter in Jacksonville.Little boy eating cake at his cake smash in Jacksonville.Engagments LogoAdorable boy in blue tie with a one on it during his cake smash in Jacksonville.Cake falling from little Carter's mouth during his one year old photography session in Jacksonville.Little Carter demolishes his cake during his one year old One Year Cake Smash photography session.Baby carter feeding his parents some of his cake during his cake smash session in Jacksonville.Little Carter with cake all over the place during his cake smash session in downtown Jacksonville.Jacksonville Wedding Photographer, Downtown Jacksonville Wedding, San Marco WeddingCarter just as surprised he's one during his cake smash session in Jacksonville.Carter walking out of his cake smash session in downtown Jacksonville.

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