When my friend Errol contacted me about wanting to surprise his girlfriend and propose, my imagination went into overtime. First of all, I had to find the perfect excuse as to why I need them for a photoshoot. If Errol had told her he set it up, she would immediately know that he was going to propose. So, I told him to let me know when he would be in the car with her so that I could text him (and she would see it) šŸ˜‰ I told him I needed a couple for a advertising shoot that I was working on, and my other couple backed outā€¦ That was the bait. Then I had to pick the perfect location for a surprise engagement in Jacksonvilleā€¦. I wanted privacy firstā€¦. (crowds are fun and all, but Iā€™ve had an actual boat of people pull up and ruin a surprise engagement in downtown Jacksonville in the past!) Anywho, after Errol said that Aline agreed to do it, the trickery went into overtime. I started texting her directly about my vision for the shoot and that she needed to text me pictures of what they were going to wear. I mean, a girlā€™s gotta be lookinā€™ FINE when she finally gets the right, amiright???

Of course with a womanā€™s intuition, Alineā€™s initial thought was that Errol was going to propose. But, the fact that I was so interested and particular about everythingā€¦ I even made her send me pictures in each outfit and changed almost the entireĀ thingā€¦ Aline finally thought it really was just a photoshoot for me! Also, Errol did the smart thing and didnā€™t tell anyone with loose lips about the surprise until AFTER it was over! Yes, heā€™s a smart man!

We met at Alpine Groves Park, and it was a perfect day. The plan was weā€™d get a few couple shots, then Iā€™d ask Aline to stand far behind Errol so that the focus was on him and sheā€™d be looking all cute in the backgroundā€¦.I would then ask her to come closer, and tell Errol to turn towards her. THAT WAS THE CUE TO DO THE DEED! Well, that was all good, but she was like 20 feet behind him and he was a ball of nerves. He assumed it was TIME, and he got on one knee. He stayed on that knee like he was doing lunges.. actually, just one looooong lunge. Aline still had no clue and started to walk up saying, ā€œWhat are you doing, get up!ā€ As she got closer, he turned the box toward her and she finally realized SHE GOT PLAYED.

Errol and Aline, I am so excited for both of you, and Iā€™m so thankful that Iā€™m your chosen wedding photographer/ forever photographer too! šŸ™‚

I love surprises, I canā€™t help it. So, if you are looking for a co-conspirator/photographer to surprise your significant other with an engagement session, Iā€™m your girl! Find out more here: SHP WEDDINGS
jacksonville engagement_0001.jpg

Please notice how far back Aline was! By the time she got closer, his knee was KILLING HIM! Of course I kept shooting šŸ˜‰

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