When families choose me to be their newborn photographer, I am always honored.  Chari contacted me months before her sweet baby girl was due to be born, and wanted to interview me an check out my studio. I was happy to! First of all, she was adorable. She asked the appropriate questions about my experience and what I do that sets me apart from others.  After doing her due diligence, she chose me.  Chari is also a photographer, so I was double honored to be the chosen one.

We started with Chari and Kennard’s maternity session that turned out STUNNING.  Chari also booked a birth session. So, at 6:30am on December 6, 2016, I got a text from Kennard saying that Chari was at the hospital… Then a few minutes later he said she was 9cm dilated!!!  I didn’t even brush my teeth, I jumped in the car in the pouring rain and made it to the hospital!  For those that don’t know me, I can’t just be a photographer. In between taking pictures, I was massaging Chari’s back, talking to sweet Khloe about “just shooting out” 😉 and trying to ensure that everyone was calm and happy. After about an hour, Kennard made the comment that I could probably deliver the baby…. (If I had to, I would have)…  Chari was a champ and after 30 minutes of pushing, the gorgeous Khloe was here!

When Khloe came in the studio a week later, we had a bond already. I can’t explain it, we just did! She was an angel.  Daddy fell asleep in a chair during her session… I made sure to get a picture of it 😉 Khloe got him back by pooping on him, which I also happily documented! 🙂 She did everything I asked, and even rocked her desk prop that was made specifically for her session! It was a must when both mom and dad are smarty pants with two degrees each!

I’m excited that I get to see Khloe in a few short months because mommy also got the first year of life photo package!

Thank you again Chari and Kennard for trusting me. Now that Khloe thinks of me as Aunt Sarah, I have to be the only photographer besides mommy that’s allowed to take her picture 😉

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