I thoroughly enjoy doing large family photography sessions! Especially when there are four generations present!! I met Marilyn Tillery about a year ago when she planned a surprise military homecoming for her daughter, Catherine, who’s husband was coming home early. I always love offering free military homecoming sessions, I mean it’s the least I can do to for their sacrifice.  Also, I love the raw emotion is so beautiful in the pictures! Catherine had no idea that a simple dinner with mom and dad would turn into her husband showing up with flowers….it was beautiful and I was glad to document it!

So, when Marilyn said she wanted to get her entire family together with her siblings, her mother, her three daughters and their families for a large family photography session, I was so excited! We even added her grandson, Archer’s, first birthday cake smash pics at the end…. because why not!  We all laughed the entire time and the pictures turned out so amazing. Of course when any of them wanted to do something funny, I was ALL OVER IT…. especially when Stephanie, the “non-married one” as she called herself, wanted do do a funny laying down pose, I clicked away 😉

It’s so important to document life. It’s rare when an entire family gets together! If there’s a time when your entire family will be in one place for a few days, hire a local photographer to get your family pictures done.  It’s so beautiful to have these happy memories! Of course I love large family photography sessions!  Want to see another fun family? Check out The Judd Family

Thank you again Tillery family! I can’t wait for the next family shoot 🙂

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