Want to see some adorable jacksonville newborn photos? This little gorgeous girl right here….let me tell you.  She was nicknamed “hurricane” Hannah because she came into this world the day that Hurricane Matthew was tormenting the Florida coast.

Here comes Hurricane Hannah

Well, when she came for her first photoshoot, she wanted to live up to her nickname. Sweet gorgeous baby just wasn’t having it. All my tricks, all my secret Sarah sauce wasn’t working. She told me very quickly how she would or wouldn’t pose. She also decided that she wasn’t going to sleep! But, patience is a virtue. I tell you one thing, if anyone wants to be a newborn photographer, but doesn’t have patience…just.don’t.do.it. After over four hours of attempting to do as many shots as possible, she finally fell asleep. And boy was the wait worth it.

She is so beautiful, and the THIRD, yes I said THIRD girl for gorgeous mommy Rachel and sweet daddy Zach. I must say,  I was the youngest of three kids in my house growing up, if Hannah is anything like me, she is going to do her best to rule to roost…she’ll also be witty with a touch of ADD to get noticed 😉  But her sweet and beautiful sisters, Eva and Heidi will make sure she stays in check 🙂

Two Hannah’s born on the same day, same hospital!!

One neat fact, the same date Hannah was born, there was another baby girl born at the same hospital, and they also named her Hannah! That momma commented on one of my Facebook posts 🙂

Momma Rachel and I joked about how sweet and peaceful she looks in her pictures. Well, Hurricane Hannah, that means we WON, remember that! 🙂  Thanks again Rachel and Zach for trusting me to help introduce this sweet angel into the world!

If you’re looking to get some Jacksonville Newborn Photos done, give me a call! Want to see more sweetness? Check out: Baby Lennox


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