What can I say about Alexandria and Elvis? Not even Hurricane Hermine can stop their love! Yes, the night the hurricane was hitting Florida, Alexandria and Elvis tied the knot at the stunning Hilltop Restaurant in Orange Park, FL.  But, before we go there, I have to say a bit about their story…

Elvis was Alex’s best friend, her shoulder to cry on, her confidant and was there for her no matter what. He did have a secret… He knew that Alex was the one he would marry from the moment they met… It just took a while for Alex to figure that out! Once Alex finally realized what an amazing man Elvis was, there was no stopping them. Elvis again came through with the win after he spoke to me about being their photographer. He said he just knew I was the perfect fit! Frankly, I just knew it too! Our friendship blossomed after their amazing engagement session, and we have been a team of three since!

Back to the hurricane…. so, thank goodness the Hilltop Restaurant is not only beautiful on the outside, but gorgeous on the inside. Alex’s Mom and Aunt turned the reception area into an amazing floral dream.  They arranged the flowers at the alter so beautifully, I was! Elvis also had an amazing surprise for Alex, who is an avid Bachelor fan, and asked her to accept his final rose during the ceremony. It. Was. Perfect. You wouldn’t even know there was a pending storm with all the love,  fun and dancing!

Alex and Elvis, what I can say is that I am thankful you chose me. Your love for each other is so beautiful and I’m so glad that I am going to be a part of your lives forever. 🙂














See their beautiful wedding video

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