Emily and Jimmy have the “typical” office love story. Emily started working in the office and Jimmy found a reason to “hang around”  the office longer before he had to go out into the field everyday. Everyone in the office knew he was stalking/hitting on Emily, but Emily didn’t have a clue…so she says 😉  Three years later, they get married in the beautiful Howard Gilman Waterfront Park in St. Mary’s Ga…on what felt like the hottest day of the year!! (note: it was a must by both parties that they got married prior to the start of college football season, which I totally appreciate) But, I would take that hot weather to get the AMAZING pictures with the gorgeous cloud-filled blue sky! I kept stopping and showing Emily and Jimmy just how gorgeous it was 🙂

Emily waited until a month prior to the wedding to book me, and I didn’t get to meet her until one week prior!!  But, I literally loved her from the moment we met, and I love her even more now. As a matter of fact, we pretty much talk/text daily!

The wedding and reception were a blast! Their love was infectious and there was so much fun and laughter…. I don’t think the day could have been better. The DJ, Mack, even had a girls vs boys dance off that was a HUGE/HILARIOUS hit as you can tell by the pictures below!

I’m so thankful that Emily trusted her friend and another one of my bride’s, Sabrina, and chose me to be her forever photographer!








Please see Emily & Jimmy’s Wedding Video here:

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