When John first emailed me, he was overseas on deployment. He said he would be home in a few months, and wanted to get wedding pictures taken at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. He and Cassie had gotten married before he left, and they wanted to finally get pictures taken upon his return.  I had been patiently waiting for my chance to take wedding pictures in Washington Oaks…. I just love everything about that park! Seriously!! It was such a fun shoot. There was no time restraints and we could pretty much do whatever we wanted! Cassie’s son and niece were there, and I think it was pretty much perfect. They are both so in love and we had such a great time!!  So, of course I wanted to hit the beach for the final shots…. it was kinda high tide, so in order to get to the rocks, we had to walk pretty far. Cassie in her beautiful dress hoofed it all the way to the rocks. So, my goal was to get the perfect shot of them on the rocks. We basically all risked our lives to climb up. The waves were getting pretty crazy, and I was like, “No matter what, stay in position!”  We had a few close calls of getting hit by the waves, but it didn’t happen until the FINAL shot. I wish the shot of the actual hit of the wave, but, since I was also hit with it, it threw me off balance, and the image was a bit blurry… but as any good photographer would do, I kept my shutter pressed, and got the best image right after the big wave hit Cassie and John… Boom, it was all worth it.

Thank you Cassie and John for trusting me to document such a special time. You are both so great and so happy and I hope you have a happy life! I can’t wait to see you again to do Michael’s (GQ I called him) senior pics! 🙂




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