This sweet little angel right here… All babies aren’t very pretty at eight days old. Frankly, Danielle is already stunning. Her sweet mama, Annie, and grandma, Maggie, came to my studio very excited about getting her newborn pictures taken. I was excited too! I just love getting to meet babies when they are a few days old, then watch them grow at each session! Β Danielle made sure to let me know how SHE wanted to pose. So, I made the most of what she was so kind to offer, and I think her pictures turned out stunning. Annie and I had a good discussion in-between setups about responsibility and her future. Just because you are a young mother doesn’t mean you can’t be successful and be a role model for your child. I do believe that each child is a blessing, and told her that she needed to now stay focused on being a great mom and getting her education. Especially since she has very supportive parents to help! Β There are many hardships people go through in life. Trust me, I’ve had my own. But, I’ve always had the mindset to not focus on my mistakes, but learn from them. I know many young mothers that still went to college and are now very successful. But, they had the mindset that nothing will stop them! Danielle is a blessing.Β I told Annie to put Danielle in her position. If she was to have a baby young, you would tell her to focus on her future and education! (also that boys have cooties, and to stay away….far, far away) πŸ˜‰

I am proud of you and I believe in YOU, Annie! Now, go show that gorgeous daughter of yours how to make the most out of life!


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