Sweet Finley…. what can I say! His lovely mama, Nikki, contacted me about six months prior to his one year cake smash session. She told me that it will be the first time he’s ever had professional pictures done! She had a great idea about using a basket and big balloon to look like a hot air balloon! I was on a mission to find the best looking one! (Thank you ROSS)…. While talking to Nikki about his session, she told me that Finley is a special baby. He was diagnosed with Autism, and she was excited yet concerned about his photoshoot. Well, during his shoot we both realized there was NOTHING to worry about! Sweet Finley was so happy the entire time! Frankly, it was 752 degrees out and 200% humidity (no, I’m not exaggerating). By the end of the session, I looked like I just did an Insanity workout….:) Also, Finley pretty much demolished his cake within 2 minutes. Seriously. One of the fastest cake smashes to date!  Yes, it was a drum to him…but, after he had a taste of that sweet goodness, he was like, “YES!!” While editing his pictures, I was just so happy that Nikki was going to have the best pictures possible and that her expectations were exceeded. I just love this kid, and I love his mama and daddy too! Can’t wait to meet the other six!

Thank you Nikki for choosing me, and letting me love Finley 😉

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