I just have to start out this blog with I.CANT.EVEN.  So, this is Chapman. He lives in my building, and I beg his gorgeous mom, Stephanie, every time I see them in the elevator to let me take pictures of him and her family… I guess the 10th time finally worked, and she said she wanted to do a six-month session with him.  Six months is such a fun age. Their personality comes through and they really are some of my favorite shots! Anywho, when they came in, I didn’t think I could love this nugget anymore. I think it was one of my fastest sessions with a baby to date. The reason why you ask? Because he was happy for the ENTIRE session. About halfway though I said, “Geeze, he is the happiest baby!” Stephanie then said her entire family calls him “Happy Chappy”. I get it. All I had to do was sing the ABC song and he smiled. I am normally 100% goofy to get kids to smile, but with him, we just had to sing to him. Was it my professional style singing voice? maybe 😉 But, I must say I love me some happy Chappy, and I can’t WAIT for his One-Year cake smash session.

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