My sweet nephew Brett. What can I say about this amazing young man.  (Warning: rant coming) If you know me, you know there are may kids around me in my life that I do my best to make a positive influence on. I do believe that I was put here on this earth to make a difference. So, anytime I get a chance to make a difference in a child’s life I do. What I’ve noticed the past few years is that there are so many young people (and some adults) that feel entitled. They think that others are there to give them whatever they ask for and they don’t think they need to work for anything. And while I’m on my soapbox, what happened to saying thank you???  Trust me when I say, please and thank you go a long way. No one owes you anything!  I love a quote Derrick Henry’s grandma, Gladys, said, “Good manners can take you where money can never buy you”. If you read this a think I’m talking to you, I probably am. (end rant)

Back to Brett…. Brett is just one of those special kids. He was so quiet growing up, yet so kind. He started working before he was even able to drive. My mom showed him the ropes on selling mobile homes, and he quickly became very successful! He paid for his car, and now has money in the bank to go to college with. When I found out that he was going to continue on the Hedden tradition of attending and graduating from the University of Florida, I was so happy for him! He immediately started working on scholarships. He applied for as many scholarships as he could find with a goal of graduating from college debt free.  I spent last weekend with Brett, and I realized that other kids could learn so much from him. He is just so kind and humble. I wanted to do something special for him, so we went and picked up a nice suit. From my perspective, I bless those who one, don’t ask for it, two, don’t expect it and three are so thankful for any and everything. Brett looked so awesome in his suit that I knew there was ONE place we had to go to get his senior pictures, the University of Florida.  Brett will graduate from UF and will be a VERY successful business owner someday. He is determined to make it, and I know that he will.  Brett, I love you so much and I am so proud of you!




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