I was so excited when Debbie contacted me about getting a family photo shoot while they were on vacation at the beautiful Hammock Beach Resort. When I showed up and saw this amazing home they rented on the beach, I told them that I brought an overnight bag… just in case…. They said, “We have plenty of room!”… then George gave me a Corona. I knew then that this would be a fun and crazy family session!  And, I was right.  How awesome to have your family and both sets of grandparents too! Debbie and George’s gorgeous kids, Kristen, currently in Law School at Kentucky, and Brody, currently an undergrad at University of Georgia, were so silly, and appreciated my humor! We had fun right up to the end where they re-enacted the pose they did when they were little kids.

When I look at these shots, I think how lucky they are that one, they are able to have both sets of grandparents, and two, how smart they are to get professional shots done! Time flies, and most people, including myself, don’t have any professional pictures with my now deceased grandparents! This is so special, and this family is so special. I even invited myself to their next family trip in Hawaii. We’ll see if I end up with an official invite! 🙂

Thank you Judd family!


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