Tobi, Sean’s mom found me on a Rant & Rave Facebook page, and I’m so happy she did! Β Sean was up for anything, so, Sean, his mom Tobi, his sister, Meaghan, and his brother, Ian, all jumped in the car and headed all over downtown Jacksonville. When I found out that Sean was going to bring a few guitars on his senior shoot, I was SOO excited. It was very hard for me not to have the guitar in every picture… it just takes the coolness factor WAY up… Of course as soon as he posed for his first picture I asked him if he knew how to play Sara(h) Smile by Hall & Oates. He didn’t…but he DID know how to play Extreme “More than Words”… So, as he played, I sang and took pictures. Because, why not? (Since the shoot we have decided to start the S&S Band and will be scheduling a winter tour soon) πŸ™‚Β I’m not going to admit that one “semi” illegal spot had a cop on property that flashed his/her lights at me to get out, so I gave the “one second” finger… because they always love to see that…. We all laughed, it really was such a fun shoot, and I was so glad we were all together! Sean is such a great person, and is continuing his education at a college in Tennessee πŸ™‚

Thanks again Tobi and Meaghan for finding me on Facebook, and thank you Sean for not only being up for anything for your photo shoot, but also agreeing to learn “Sara Smile” for our winter tour πŸ™‚

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