I met Markevia and Jeremy Mincey over four years ago when Markevia was pregnant with their second baby girl, Journi. At the time, Jeremy was playing football for the Jacksonville Jaguars. After spending an afternoon with them, I too became a Jaguar fan because I was a Markevia and Jeremy fan! We had so much fun. They were both so down to earth, loved each other and loved their kids. So, frankly, I knew we’d be friends…and we are!

Markevia, Jeremy and I drove about an hour to the gorgeous Hampton Flower Field… I had a vision for the photos and I’m so thankful they became a reality!  I quickly let Jeremy, a 6’4 280 lb Defensive End, know that he was my assistant for the day. So, I made him carry my stuff and throw the back of Markevia’s dress up about 200 times 😉  One would think he’s as hard off the field as is is on the field. Let me tell you, he’s not. He’s a teddy bear (but don’t tell anyone), he loves his wife and kids… and for that, I love him too!   In the middle of the shoot, he grabs a dandelion and says, “Get a picture of this!”  (see below) I think the picture shows just how awesome he really is.

The shoot turned out amazing, and I can’t wait to meet their sweet prince! I know his sisters, Jermani and Journi can’t wait to boss him around too 😉 Thank you Markevia and Jeremy for choosing me to be your photographer and friend.

Markevia, you are STUNNING!!






I think these two pictures show how awesome these two are! 🙂




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