The lovely and fun-loving Tucker family! I can’t say enough about them. We had so much fun at their family session. The boys, William and Wesley, are literally adorable. I had them laughing up a storm! They especially loved when I brought up gross boys stuff (ie boogers and farts…Yes, I turn 7 around children…) Anyway…. We started with their adorable bulldog “Scarlett O’Hairy Dawg” because Anthony (dad) wanted a shot with a rose in  her mouth… not easy.. but, I love all animals and I’m all about adding ‘pet photographer’ to my family sessions!  After we got the shot (meaning the pup demolished the roses), we headed to Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, one of my favorite places ever!   The family was up for anything, and we had a blast hitting all the stunning spots of the park. Kristin, Anthony, William and Wesley, thank you for choosing me to document your awesome family. I can’t wait for the next family shoot!









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