The beautiful Walker family…..What an honor it was to be asked to do this session. Especially because April is Autism Awareness Month.  The Walker family was the Spotlight Student/Family for the Jacksonville School for Autism “Ante up for Autism Golf Tournament” Monday, and they called needing a updated family photo since hadn’t had family photos in years… I get it. There are many families I come across that just get too busy with life to think about pictures!  I must admit that I prayed a lot for this session… I wanted to make sure I was able to get at least ONE good picture to show just how amazing this family is.   As soon as they showed up, I just knew in my heart (and utilizing my fast shutter speed) that we would make it happen!  Paul,  Joy and daughter’s, Anne Scott and Jillian Grace, were adorable, I mean sweet as sugar.  We all agreed that we would walk around and I would just keep shooting. The great thing is that Anne Scott, whom is Autistic, liked me from the start! First hurdle DONE! She even kissed my cheek pretty quickly, and gave me multiple sticks and leaves “gifts”, so I was IN!  We had so much fun during the session, and I think the whole family had a good time. I know I did. I just kept hitting the shutter. I knew that we’d eventually get everyone looking at the same time! And that we did. Out of 2100 pictures (I told you I was hitting that shutter), over 300 were keepers! Here are some of my favorites.  I surely hope that other families with special needs children will give me a call for a family session. I love ALL kids… it’s the adults that are sometimes problematic! (I kid, I kid) 😉

Thanks again Walker Family. You are Awesome!


She was so happy to give me “gifts” (my pockets were full of leaves and sticks 🙂




YESSSS!! One of my favs!


My final “gift” 🙂


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