Going back home to Brooksville, FL is always a good time. Finally getting to photograph the Bates family was one of the highlights of my visit! Leah and I were neighbors and went to high school together (Go Leopards!). I haven’t gotten to see her sweet family in a few years. I can’t tell you how stinkin’ cute her kids are! You have Ashton, the oldest, who was the rule follower. Then there’s the twins, Blair and Bradley Jr. who are totally adorable. Then you have sweet Madeline who was on the go pretty much the entire time! Finally, sweet Owen, the newest member of the family who I was so honored to meet. I just loved them all! The girls and I took off in the golf carty thingy that’s like a 4wheeler (I’ve been out to the country life too long). We decided to plan a little surprise for mama and get some gorgeous shots of them on the gorgeous property!

I had a vision for their pictures with the horses. I went to the girls room, picked out some frilly dresses, and my visionΒ came to life. When I was editing is when I noticed Blair’s gorgeous Shetland pony looked like he smiled in one of the pictures! What are the chances?

I’m so glad we were finally able to get together for family pictures. I can’t wait to see this sweet family again. Love them all!





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