alexandria and elvis are gettting married \\ palm coast engagement photographer

Beautiful inside and out is the best way to describe Alexandria and Elvis. What can I say? I just love them both. Let’s start with Elvis. Since his gorgeous fiancée is currently in law school, he took on the responsibility of finding a photographer for their wedding. Obviously he has amazing taste because he chose ME! All kidding aside,  I know there are amazing photographers in Jacksonville, an I’m ALWAYS honored when I am the one chosen.. Ok, back to Elvis. During my initial meeting with these two lovebugs, Elvis said he is up for whatever I want to do. I said, “What about a notebook look with a bowtie and suspenders?” He said, “Absolutely!”…. Um Yes!  Then there’s Alexandria. First of all, she looks like Kiera Knightley. But, best of all, she is just as beautiful inside! We had SO much fun during this shoot. I am just in love with their engagement pictures, and I am so excited about their wedding! It’s going to be the

Alexandria and Elvis, thanks again for choosing me. I’m honored! XXOO







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