What can I say, I love LOVE. I was so glad Jessy chose me to be her photographer. This was a special session to document their love in a “pre” engagement kinda way. George will be deployed in a few short weeks, so, even thought George “hates” taking pictures, he agreed when Jessy asked! She warned me ahead of time that George would prob hate every second of the shoot.  I told her not to worry, I will utilize my comedic skills. If that didn’t work, I could use my black belt skills. 🙂  Well, what can I say, we all laughed pretty much the entire time. George was awesome and up for anything! I did have to result to violence a few times, but he got right back in line 😉  We met at the beautiful Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Palm Coast.  What can I say, it’s truly one of my favorite spots! Jessy and George’s love for each other was so evident from the moment we took the first shot. I just loved them both!  I look forward to seeing them both again on George’s safe return home in a year. Maybe by then you can make it official George?   (I got you Jessy) 🙂

Thanks again for choosing me.









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